Schildkrœt is a free band (with two generators but that's not important), i.e. anybody, anywhere, and in anyway she or he wants, can make a record, a concert, a CD or whatever under the name of Schildkrœt. It is possible to make covers (of Schildkrœt or whoever else) under the name of Schildkrœt. In short, one is free to do anything she or he wants under the name of Schildkrœt except dolls because there was apparently a doll factory named Schildkrœt not so long ago.

Those who wish to put their Shildkrœt mp3's here are free to do so but there is no obligation. There is no obligation either to tell anyone that one has made a Schildkrœt recording, but one may do so at

Some disks and records

Schildkrœt I (CD)

Du vrac (diverse tracks)

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